Workpackage 12: Management | AIT

WP 12 goals are:

  1. To provide the day-to-day management of the project, with strong roles executed by the Project Coordinator and supported by the AIT Project Office, six-month meetings of the General Assembly (GA) and the preparation of progress reports every six months
  2. To monitor and evaluate progress of work package activities and provide alternative research directions where required.
  3. The Project Coordinator with support from the Project Office and Work Package Leaders will prepare the final project report for the EC. This will describe the achievements of the project, critically assess its operation and recommend, as appropriate, and further action.


Greenhp: Design and Performance of the Next Generation Heat Pump for Retrofitting Buildings" has been accepted for the 2016 ASHRAE Annual Conference, which will take place Saturday, June 25, 2016-Wednesday, June 29, 2016 in St. Louis, MO