Work Packages

The project is split in four phases:

  1. Phase A (Workpackages 1,2 and 3),
  2. Phase B (Workpackages 4,5,6,7 and 8),
  3. Phase C (Workpackages 9 and 10) and
  4. Phase D (Workpackages 11 and 12).

The main task of Phase A (Definition) is to develop an overall application scenario โ€“ including building and smart grid integration scenarios โ€“ followed by the definition of requirements and boundary conditions. Phase A also includes the overall development of the heat pump unit and the identification of the most promising building integration concept considering PV, solar thermal and thermal energy storage.

In Phase B (Implementation) the components will be developed; it finishes with the delivery of all pilot components for the assembly of the pilot HP unit.

Phase C (Validation & Lab Scale Testing) is dedicated to the lab-scale testing and validation of the GreenHP unit and its system integration. The Phases A โ€“ C can be located between the technology readiness level (TRL) 3 and 4.

This work will be complemented with a dissemination strategy and project management in Phase D (Dissemination & Project Management).

Below is a diagram shwoing the workpackages interdependencies.