Scientific Publications

Already published:

·      D. Fischer , T. Rivera Toral , K.B. Lindberg , B. Wille-Haussmann , H. Madani: Investigation of Thermal Storage Operation Strategies with Heat Pumps in German Multi Family Houses, Energy Procedia, Vol. 58, Elsevier BV Netherlands, p. 137-144

·      Pavel Makhnatch, Rahmatollah Khodabandeh: The Role of Environmental Metrics (GWP, TEWI, LCCP) in the Selection of Low GWP Refrigerant, Energy Procedia, Vol. 61, Elsevier BV Netherlands, pages. 2460-2463

·      David Fischer, Karen Byskov Lindberg, Hatef Madani, Christof Wittwer: Energy and Buildings: Impact of PV and variable prices on optimal system sizing for heat pumps and thermal storage Vol. 128, Elsevier BV Netherlands, pages 723-733



·      Fischer, David, Madani Hatef: On heat pumps in smart grids, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Elsevier BV, Netherlands


To be submitted:

·      Fischer, David, Bernhard, Josef, Madani, Hatef, Wittwer, Christoph: Comparison of control approaches for variable speed air source heat pumps in a smart grid context, Energy & Buildings, Elsevier BV, Netherlands

·      Fischer, David; Bernhard, Josef; Rautenberg, Friederike; Sommerfeldt, Nelson; Madani, Hatef: On the use of variable speed air-source heat pumps for increasing PV self-consumption in a German multi family house, Applied Energy, Elsevier BV, Netherlands