System Level

  1. Development of a holistic system concept for high-capacity air/water heat pumps for retrofitted multi-family and commercial buildings in urban areas.
  2. Investigation and definition of building integration concepts for high capacity air/water heat pumps including control strategies.
  3. Definition and testing of use-cases for integration of high capacity air/water heat pumps into smart electric grids.
  4. Validate the overall control concept and smart gird integration concept by means of hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing on lab scale.

Unit Level

  1. Evaluation of alternative refrigerants for use in high-capacity air/water heat pumps.
  2. Development of design methods for high efficiency air/water heat pump cycles with substantially reduced refrigerant charge using an alternative refrigerant.
  3. Validate the developed concepts for the heat pump unit and the components on lab scale by means of testing of pilots.

Component Level

  1. Development of a control platform for air/water heat pumps integrating other renewable energy sources including thermal storages and interfacing the smart grid.
  2. Design and investigation of new compressor concepts for an alternative refrigerant enabling high efficiency and low refrigerant charge.
  3. Investigation of new concepts for high performance aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers for evaporators and condensers enabling low refrigerant charges for high-capacity air/water heat pumps.
  4. Investigation of new concepts for high performance axial fans with optimised airflow system for air/water heat pumps enabling low energy demand and low noise emissions.
  5. Development and investigation of a novel evaporator unit based on advanced anti-icing and defrosting methods.