The Green HP Final report

May. 19, 2017

CO2 emission levels from our rapidly expanding cities must be drastically reduced to meet the European environmental targets. One key aspect of turning cities into “smart cities” is renovating and retrofitting buildings with low emission heating systems. Heat pump technology plays a central role here, as it can use ambient energy for heating and hot water generation.

Due to limited availability of space in cities, heat pumps need to be integrated into the existing buildings, and must be compatible with pre-existing heating systems. In addition, the installation and running costs must be attractive to make the changeover to heat pumps in urban areas both an economically and environmentally viable decision. The GreenHP project addressed these challenges by developing an advanced 30kW heating system with minimum environmental impact using air/water heat pump technology for retrofitting multifamily and commercial buildings in densely populated areas and cities and the opportunity to integrate the system into future energy systems (e.g. Smart Grids). 

For more information, you can view or download the final report of the project here.